Shoshana Peyser, PhD, MPH, LCSW-R
geriatric care managment & wellness consultant


Mindfulness is learning how to slow down, take notice, being in the moment, experience calm and self-acceptance. This process provides a supportive and safe forum for positive change one step at a time and allows for clients to build competency in:

  • Stress management: adopt resiliency skills to overcome challenges, promote healing and manage  stress
  • Self confidence: learn to embrace change to foster confidence in yourself
  • Relationship building: create new ways to have meaningful and strong relationships
  • Meaningful tomorrow: discover your personal story to foster a fulfilling future

Wellness offerings include working with individuals, families, groups and organizations. Sample techniques include: one-on-one coaching, cognitive restructuring, role play, guided meditation, and narrative collage. On-site and home visits are available in the greater New York area. The goal is to provide confidential, compassionate customized services to each client. 






"Working with Dr. Peyser using imaging techniques allowed me to finally deal with my anxieties and chronic worrying over an unresolved issues in my life. Her methods allowed me to find a peaceful resolution to my problems and be able to enjoy the parts of my life I actually have control over." 
Clarrisa Green, M.D.