Shoshana Peyser, PhD, MPH, LCSW-R
geriatric care managment & wellness consultant

stress management

Stress is an inevitable part of our daily lives. Our bodies are designed to readily react to danger, but the persistence of the stress-response overwhelms and drains us. It can become progressively difficult to cope and we become more vulnerable to illness. Common causes of stress include balancing work-family obligations, caring for others who are acutely or chronically ill, life transitions, and loss. Stress is not only associated with what we usually associate with difficulty, but can also include positive experiences such as a job promotion, marriage and birth of a child. While much stress is unavoidable, we have control over how we cope. Stress management support is a process that helps clients to identify the areas of stress in their lives and empower them to take back some control through the use of coping strategies. Shoshana coaches and supports each client with a customized plan.

Stress management offerings include:
  • Education regarding the basic nature, sources, symptoms and consequences of stress
  • Simple and practical skills to manage stress consisting of practices such as cognitive restructuring, progressive muscle relaxation, guided meditation, breathing exercises, and journaling
  • Resource guide with take-home practices, tips, community and on-line resources






”Didn't realize before this how helpful it is to hear other people's stories. Thought [stress management workshop] was a good balance to have the meditation after all of the emotions." 
Elise Schwarz 

"Participating in Dr. Peyser’s workshop was a great experience to release stress."

Marlene McGowen