Shoshana Peyser, PhD, MPH, LCSW-R
geriatric care managment & wellness consultant

geriatric care management 

The goal of geriatric care management services is to provide personalized support and care to optimize client/family quality of life, particularly related to issues related to aging. These services are provided in a compassionate, respectful and cost-efficient manner. The Initial consultation consists of two parts: Comprehensive evaluation and assessment and the Development of a personalized plan of care 

In the Comprehensive evaluation and assessment, an in-depth evaluation conducted with client(s) and family to assess overall level of psychosocial and medical functioning. In this process areas of strengths and challenges are also identified. Areas explored include:

·       Cognitive (e.g., judgment, insight, decision making abilities), emotional and physical status

·       Safety concerns

·       Exploration of current and other possible living situations

The goals of the Development of a personalized plan of care include:

·       Formulate short-term and long-term care plans

·       Recommendations and referrals for services

·       Action plan created for the implementation of care plan

After the initial evaluation and assessment, there is On-going monitoring, evaluation and care coordination which include:  

·       Flexible process to accommodate needs and wishes of family

·       Ongoing process ensures that care plan is synchronized with ongoing changes and needs

·       Identification of appropriate services and implementation of those services

·       Coordination and supervision of services

·       Advocacy to ensure that needs of client(s) and family are met

·       Facilitating communications between client, family, health care and other service providers 

·       Supportive psychological counseling to client and family

"I felt so overwhelmed by the amount of people who needed medical records from me while dealing with a life threatening disease, Dr. Peyser made the whole process so much easier for me, she was there at every turn and it was one less major thing I did not need to worry about. Dr. Peyser really did outstanding job getting the medical records to the right people in the right amount of time.” 
David Brody